Unique Chemex Brews

Some interesting and unique ways to prepare coffee with a Chemex you may have never considered.

Some days feel boring. The same old routine, the same old coffee. The good news is that there’s just a million ways to change it up: turn a boring morning into a more interesting one. Let’s start by your coffee; instead of making your coffee the same way you always do, why not try a new recipe?

The Chemex is one of the most interesting brewing methods there are. Invented way, way back in 1941 by the chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbom, this coffee maker was designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency. Who knew that almost 80 years later the Chemex would boom in popularity and be rediscovered as one of the best methods to brew coffee?

To ease you into a better day, we’ve compiled a few interesting Chemex recipes for you to try or draw inspiration from:

The Standard

We need a normal, balanced recipe. It will serve as a measuring reference for other recipes.

  • Medium fine grind
  • 40 grams coffee
  • 700 grams water, 90C° or 194F°
  • 2 pours

Not much to explain. A ratio of about 1:15, brewed in two separate pours, one to get all the grounds soaked and hot, and the following a few moments later, slowly using all the water left.

This method yields a very balanced cup of coffee, not being too strong nor too light. It can easily be enjoyed without sugar, too. Bright, full body, delicious. Anyone could enjoy it.


Cowboy Chemex

Named after cowboy coffee, this recipe uses the coarsest grind you can achieve - ideally with a manual grinder.

  • Coarsest grind
  • 60 grams coffee
  • 600 grams water, 96 C° - 204 F°
  • Eggshells from one egg
  • 1 or 2 pours

Mix white eggshells with the coffee grounds. This is an old method for reducing acidity in coffee.

This neat little trick works by adding shells from 2 to 3 eggs. Rinse them thoroughly and crush them until they are about an inch long. Then, simply scatter these eggshells around and let them work their magic! You don’t have to use fresh eggs. Just store the shells every time you make some scrambled eggs and you’ll be good to go!

If possible, pour all the water in one go. If not, pour as far as you can, then pour the rest after 10 seconds.

This method can be a hit or miss, depending on the coffee you’re using. We strongly recommend a medium or light roast for this method. The eggshells help greatly; we advise against skipping that part.


The Meticulous

Because sometimes we feel like paying close attention to every single detail, here’s a recipe to achieve a near-perfect coffee on the Chemex, caring about each step as we go:

  • Medium fine grind
  • 50 grams coffee grounds
  • Place the filter on the Chemex, 3-ply facing you.
  • Rinse the filter with hot water, then discard the water.
  • Place the Chemex on a coffee scale and add coffee grounds.
  • Tare the scale and start a timer.
  • Pour 100 grams of water (at 92-95 C°—200-204F°).
  • Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.
  • Resume pouring the rest of the water (800g total) very slowly, taking your time. At around 2:30, you should be done.
  • Discard the filter without pressing down on it.
  • Serve.

This method yields very good results, particularly on dark roasts - if you have any espresso roasts laying around, this recipe is perfect for such coffees.


Iced Chemex

Iced coffee can be made easily with our Chemex; don’t be fooled by the Hario fanboys, who claim that iced coffee can only really be made with a Hario. Here’s how:

  • 200 grams of coffee ice cubes
  • 30 grams coffee grounds, medium coarse grind
  • 300 grams water, 96C°-204F°

As preparation, make a batch of coffee, preferably following the standard method on this article, and use it to make some ice cubes. This will prevent your coffee from diluting down, which is the biggest danger when having iced coffee.

  • Add ice cubes to the Chemex
  • Add filter, then coffee grounds. Pour about 100 grams and let bloom. After 15 seconds, pour the rest of the water.
  • Serve immediately!

Iced coffee might not be something you make every day, but it can be a real lifesaver some days. Just having this recipe ready to go will be a blessing when the time comes and you desperately need a refreshing cup of coffee instead of one that makes you sweat as you drink it!


Blonde Chemex

For all of us who enjoy coffee but would rather stay far away from the kind of bitter and uber strong coffee that is brewed from beans that have been roasted until they become black— let’s brew ourselves a sweet, mild cup of blonde roast:

  • Fine grind coffee, light/blonde roast
  • 40 grams ground coffee
  • 700 grams hot water, 92 C° - 198F°
  • Rinse filter.
  • Pour 200 grams water, let sit for 30 seconds.
  • Pour 300 grams water as fast as possible without making a mess.
  • After 10 seconds, pour the rest of the water slowly in a circular motion.
  • Enjoy.

Worry not, because now you can make a kick-ass cup of coffee from your blonde roast coffee. Great for people who are not too fond of black, bitter coffee!


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