What is the French Press?

A look into one of the most iconic and easy to use coffee brewers – the French Press.

The French Press, also known by a variety of names, is a coffee brewing device that ensures a brilliant cup of coffee through the easiest method. It uses a metal mesh to filter the ground coffee leaving behind freshly brewed aromatic coffee.

Even though the French press has gone through several modifications hitherto from its last patent in 1958, the design that is popularly used now consists of a columnar beaker that’s topped with a plastic, glass, or metal covering. Inside it contains a plunger that’s attached to a metal mesh filter responsible for separating the coffee granules from the brewed coffee.

How the French Press works

All that stands between you and a fine cup of coffee are seven steps. The French press uses the following effortless procedure and ensures that the coffee that has been made lives up to its true potential.

Step 1:

Grind premium quality coffee beans to a coarse or medium-coarse size.

Step 2:

Measure out the ground coffee. Take 15 grams of coffee and transfer it into the French Press.

The quantity of coffee grinds being used can also be adjusted according to preference.

Step 3:

Heat water until the temperature reaches 95 degrees Celsius or 203 degrees Fahrenheit. You will require 225 grams (225 ml) of water for the above-mentioned coffee weight.

Step 4:

Add the ground coffee into the French press followed by pouring the hot water gradually. After pouring it, give it a gentle stir.

Step 5:

Cover the French press with its lid and let sit for four minutes.

Step 6:

After the brewing time has elapsed, slowly push down the plunger. A consistent and gentle push will yield a better filtration process.

Step 7:

Pour the coffee into your favorite cup right away to avoid over-extraction and start sipping on the freshly brewed deliciousness.

Tips for brewing coffee to perfection

Grind size

While using a French press to brew coffee, having the right grind size is extremely important. The best size is one that resembles granules and is coarse. If the texture of the coffee grains is sand-like, the water will extract the coffee too quickly.

Brewing time

The brewing time is the next important consideration. Even though a normal brewing time falls between 3-5 minutes, a 5-minute rest produces a stronger darker roast whereas some may find a 3-minute brew to be too short. The best approach, thus, is to start with 4 minutes and alter it according to one’s preference.

Preheating the French Press

Lastly, another handy tip is to preheat the French press before using it by pouring in a little quantity of hot water and letting it sit for a few minutes before emptying it to start the actual brew. This preheating ensures that the temperature remains constant during the brew, greatly enhancing the taste of the coffee.

As always, we recommend using freshly roasted, speciality grade coffee beans.

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